Our Mission

US Mining Farm aims to build the infrastructure supporting the backbone of the blockchain. We will achieve this by providing the hashing power needed to maintain the security of the networks for which it mines. Although our locations will be centralized in democratic soil, our utility token will serve as a bloodline for the whole ecosystem, from economic incentives to governance of the facilities part of ecosystem.


US Mining Farm (USMF) token aims to become the bloodline for our future decentralized application(s), driving the future of our company through our community direction, while rewarding the community for supporting our endeavors. This in turn will help the blockchain infrastructure by providing the tools for more decentralized hashing alternatives.


Although the company is being ran in a centralized manner, major decisions and parameters of the system will be left out to the token holders to vote on. For example, initial distribution of tokens mined will be 20% to company reserves (everyday operating expenses) and 80% to the ecosystem, to be used in the “Open Market Exchange” and “Staking System”.

Market Exchange

80% of the mined tokens will be distributed to the ecosystem. Most of these mined tokens will end up in our “Open Market Exchange” app, which will be a decentralized application for users of our token to exchange USMF token for any mined token at a significant lower rate than that offered in the open market (future equations for this will be available for the community to provide input on).


In order to reward HODLs of our tokens, a Staking Reward system will be available in our decentralized application. The system will automatically calculate the rewards in desired tokens (mined tokens). This will be based on a series of mathematical functions and governance preferences, in order ensure the company does not intervene in future rewards that may go against the benefit of the community.


The token will also serve as a mechanism for lending or investing into other US Mining Farm companies. The intent being that as our system become more robust and as decentralized as possible. Future companies, who are trusted by the community can open a "US Mining Farm" and tap into the ecosystem. Our tokens can be used to provide a loan or initial investment to such entities. More details to come in the near future.

Distribution Chart %

Distribution Table
SectionAllocation %
Market Maker50%
Operating Expenses22%
NFT Sales3%
Marketing and Other2%

Road Map

  • 16 December 2020

    Round 1 Sale Starts

    Round 1 Token Sale - Initial token sale to the public totaling 100,000 USMF tokens

  • 01 March 2021

    Round 1 Sale Ends

    Round 1 Token Sale complete with total liquidity being retracted from the Round 1 pool. Proceeds to be reinvested into company funds for project(s).

  • 15 August 2021

    Open Market Uniswap

    Locked Uniswap Market Pool Creation - Creation of the open market with 5,250,000 Tokens locked for 3 years in Uniswap.

  • 01 September 2021

    Mining Milestone 1

    First mining setup milestone and mining begins

  • 15 November 2021

    Alpha App

    Alpha App open for the public, with continous development and inprovement there after. Ability to Stake and Receive Mined Tokens features fully functional.

Meet our Team

Pablo BrandenburgFounder

United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Entrepreneur, Engineer and Inventor with Experience in both Software and Hardware development. As Bitcoiner, it has been imperative for me to ensure the safety of the Hashing power of the blockchain network that support Bitcoin and other Crypto currency, with the potential to liberate people in many forms.

Juan BrandenburgCo-Founder

Over 15 years of Computer Engineering experience in the areas of IBM Enterprise Storage Systems with both Hardware and Software experience. Main Autor and Co-Author in several technical books, currently used in the field. Highly motivate in further developing solutions for the current Blockchain space.

Richard BrandenburgCo-Founder

Extensive experience working in various programming languages across Front and Backend systems. Experience in several enterprise grade applications, with enterprise level clients management across various industries. Experience in areas of design, build, and scale solutions for enterprise level business. Crypto and Blockchain researcher and believer of the positive potential of this technology from both financially and technological perspective.

Norma BrandenburgCo-Founder

Masters of Science degree with Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati, with extensive experience working in the legal field, law enforcement and education system. Experience in county and state level filings, booking and accounting, training and teaching. Highly dedicated toward learning and teaching others in the blockchain community, during the development of this project.